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Dear Microsoft, what is wrong with Yammer?

Yammer was the rising star in the Enterprise social media area of short (twitter like) messages! On June 25, 2012, Microsoft acquired Yammer for US$1.2 billion in cash. Microsoft announced that they would like to integrate Yammer in the Microsoft Office division. 2 years later (On July 24, 2014) they announced to move them to …

PsGet package management tools

A few days ago I told a customer to install the Pester PowerShell Module. They have nearly no experience in PowerShell! So he told me that he needs some help and I decided to write some helper functions for them. Here is what I did: Maybe they are useful for some users :-)Diese Seite gibt es …

Why everyone with a lot of iDevices should have at least one Apple OS X Server

With the release of iOS 9.3 and a lot of App updates for the new iOS Release many Company networks see a lot of Internet traffic in the first couple of days again.
A customer asked me if there is a way to reduce the usage of internet bandwidth usage of iDevices, especially if Apple releases a new iOS Version.
The answer was very easy: A single Mac Mini Server running Mac OS X with Server App installed!


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