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Update a conditional access named location with the new external (public) IP address

With all the working from home, I would like to access my Microsoft 365 tenant from my home office, without Multi-factor authentication (MFA). So I added my external IP to my Conditional access named locations and marked it as trusted. That worked just fine since the beginning of the SARS-CoV-2 (a/k/a Covid-19) crisis. But now my DSL modem starts to disconnect from time to time. To bad, at home I have a regular DSL contract (non Business), and you can’t get a fixed IP for those! So I have to update the conditional access named location object manually whenever my modem reconnects. That manual process sucked, so I decided to write a quick and dirty scripted approach that will to the Job for me!

Facebook acquired Giphy – How to disable it in Microsoft Teams

On may 15, 2020 Facebook announced that they acquired Giphy and that Giphy is now a part of the Instagram Team. Some ask what this acquisition means for other services, because Giphy is integrated into some of the internet’s most popular apps and services. Like Microsoft Teams!

I immediately asked myself: What is Facebook going to do with Giphy data? The Data of 700 million users and billions of hits that comes from the apps and services?