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Enforced SSL and some issues with it!

Today I start to enforce the SSL usage. This is due to some german law and the legal situation if you transmit personal data. But right after enforcing SSL for the complete site the problems started! Sometimes the Frontend was working, but the Admin Backend not. Tweak some settings and it was the other way …

OneDrive on a Mac pre-configured for Business usage

A couple of days ago a customer asked me if there is a way to prevent the private usage of Microsoft OneDrive on a Mac. They use the Mac’s for Business only. The answer is: Yes! Just do this (in the terminal app of you choice): /usr/bin/defaults write com.microsoft.OneDrive-mac DisablePersonalSync -bool True If you want to …

Dear Microsoft, what is wrong with Yammer?

Yammer was the rising star in the Enterprise social media area of short (twitter like) messages! On June 25, 2012, Microsoft acquired Yammer for US$1.2 billion in cash. Microsoft announced that they would like to integrate Yammer in the Microsoft Office division. 2 years later (On July 24, 2014) they announced to move them to …


This site is in the middle of a transition: I started to split the german and the english part!

I hope that everything works as it should… If not, please do not hesitate and contact me or drop me a line!


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