I use a lot of PowerShell Modules. Some of them are deployed via a Build Server, so I get a lot of test builds! All of them have a new version tag, which is good. And I also use a lot of Modules from the PowerShell Gallery; some of them are updated frequently.

So my Systems ended up with a lot of older versions for several modules.

Manually removal is something I don’t like… So I started to search for something that removes all older versions at once, so my system has just the latest and greatest version of each Module left.

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Microsoft and GitGub

Since a few days, there are a lot of rumors that Microsoft is in talks to acquire GitHub. These rumors heated up on Sunday, where the first reports appeared, that the deal is done and that the coding site was acquired by the software giant from Redmond.

The news started two things:

  1. Twitter goes wild with a lot of negative tweets
  2. Many projects immediately started to flee towards GitLab

Honestly I’m still wondering why there is so much hate involved and why so many try to escape from GitHub. Wake up and smell the Coffee! If Microsoft acquires GitHub, nothing will change short term! Don’t panic…

GitLab did the right thing and send a congratulations message towards GitHub. And if you see how many projects moved since yesterday, that might be the best that could happen to GitLab. At least from the marketing perspective.

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I found the following article on Forbes: Google Is Winning The Cloud War

Google’s secret weapon is simple – it’s roots.

That is the credo and key takeaway of this Forbes article!

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I know that there are a few functions and scripts like this available. Honestly, the roots of this function are a bit older.

Now some of the developers at enabling Technology tweaked and extended my old function, and they also quashed out a few bugs!

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Microsoft Teams Logo

The Problem with the Ghost or Phantom presence continues, and it might cause more and more problems! Spoiler alter: Microsoft is working on it.

Ghost presence

Ghost presence

First a wrap-up of the issue itself:

  • The Microsoft Teams Clients sets my Skype for Business presence to available (green) as soon as I start it
  • When I manually set myself to busy or do not disturb (Both should indicate red) it stays with available (green) as Skype for Business presence
  • If I place a phone call or join a meeting in Microsoft Teams (Yep, I use Microsoft Teams more and more) the Skype for Business presence is still available (green)
    Chats and calls from Skype for Business arrive on my (iOS based) Smartphone Client, because I don’t start the Skype for Business Client all the time (anymore).

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