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The Problem of linked Apple Developer Accounts

Last week, Apple invalidated the Kapeli Developer Accounts. This caused the removal of the popular App Dash from the Apple App Stores (Mac and iOS). And all the other Apps from Kapeli as well. Now Kapeli published a Post that contains a call that they recorded with Apple. After listening to the call I understand …

PowerShell is now Open Source and available for Mac and Linux

Yesterday I found that exiting News: PowerShell is now Open Source and available for Mac and Linux.
After playing around with it: I still like the idea, but I’m not so exited anymore! It will take a lot of things to make it a great shell on the Mac or Linux, but Microsoft did the right thing to open it up.

A lot of changes ahead!

I will transform this site to a native blog!
Soon I will remove all other content and re-launch this page as a dedicated blogging and news page.

Enforced SSL and some issues with it!

Today I start to enforce the SSL usage. This is due to some german law and the legal situation if you transmit personal data. But right after enforcing SSL for the complete site the problems started! Sometimes the Frontend was working, but the Admin Backend not. Tweak some settings and it was the other way …

OneDrive on a Mac pre-configured for Business usage

A couple of days ago a customer asked me if there is a way to prevent the private usage of Microsoft OneDrive on a Mac. They use the Mac’s for Business only. The answer is: Yes! Just do this (in the terminal app of you choice): /usr/bin/defaults write com.microsoft.OneDrive-mac DisablePersonalSync -bool True If you want to …


I hope that everything works as it should… If not, please do not hesitate and contact me or drop me a line!

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