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Month: May 2017

Configure Windows PowerShell Web Access

Today I had a chat with a customer about the Windows PowerShell Web Access. I told him, that the Web-based access could be very useful, at least sometimes, and not just a gimmick.

I told him to read this TechNet article: Install and Use Windows PowerShell Web Access.

The article is great, but instead of applying so many rules (most examples use single users and single computer) my approach is group based. I’m a big fan of groups, and that gives me the flexibility to manage everything via the existing Active Directory. And as a benefit, it could reduce the rules.

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DSC and Other issues with KB3150513 on Windows 2016 after installation

I installed the KB3150513 on some Windows 2016 Based systems. The Installation doesn’t ask for or enforced a reboot.
A couple of minutes later I pushed an updated DSC configuration and I saw the following Error Message:

The request to list features available on the specified server failed.
A DISM session could not be opened.

This content is older than 2 years. It might be outdated.

Is your environment to small for an Exchange High-Availability?

Paul Cunningham wrote a very interesting article about that topic!
His key point here: No! possibly not.

And I agree a 100 percent!

What makes that so interesting: I had the same discussion with a customer last week!
They plan to move to the cloud (Office 365) soon. However, the customers business needs the mail service available. Now!

Here is my approach for the customer:

  • Install a second Exchange 2013 Server (virtual)
  • Establish a HAProxy based Load Balancer
  • Configure Database Availability Groups (DAG)
  • Configure a Witness-Server (Existing HA solution was used) – Could be a cheap Azure Service as well
This content is older than 2 years. It might be outdated.
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