Who am I

Joerg Hochwald

My name is Joerg Hochwald aka Josh. I work as consultant and enterprise architect and I’m a big fan of PowerShell and Agile development.

Due to my work and projects I’m connected to several companies and teams in completely different industries. I try to write about things related to my work and projects and about things I do. Most of my work and projects are related to PowerShell, DevOps, UC&C, and Enterprise Mobility.

Furthermore, I must admit that I have a real fable for Apple and IT-Security.

I started this site in the late 90s as my private website. Since then I experimented with several content management systems (CMS) and Blog systems. I also played around with new technologies, like AJAX and Web 2.0 functionality (e.g. integration of Facebook). Actually, I play around with HTML5, CSS3, and a lot of responsive design elements.

This site is my personal playground and it runs under a permanent beta status…

This site is a private offer. Some news are provided by friends and/or (former) colleagues and/or (former) co-workers.

The site represents my personal views and comments. It does not represent the views of my previous, current, or future clients and/or partners and/or employers and/or customers.
This page is based on the powerful open source web publishing framework WordPress! It will use the latest stable release and a few plugins to enhance the WordPress functionality.

A while ago I decided to swap the language from German to English! I already translated several pages but there is a lot of work left. I will still post some news in german (An die deutschen Leser: Es wird auch deutsche News/Beiträge geben!). Maybe I will build multilingual site soon and provide english and german :)

This site is licensed under the Creative Commons license. There are also a few rules that apply to this site. I suggest that you read my FaQ page if you need further information. Miss something? Try the new Sitemap or the search function :)

Due to the fact that this site is hosted in Germany, there also is a Legal Disclaimer and an Impress to cover the “silly” German law, but still: this site a a private offer!

Diese Seite gibt es auch in German