Featured image of post Apple AirPods Pro after a few days

Apple AirPods Pro after a few days

The new Apple AirPods Pro arrived a couple of days ago, and my first impression was mind blowing! They sound so much better and the noise cancelation works flawless.

And best of all: They fit perfectly into my ears, without any further Ear-Tips.

Apple AirPods Pro Apple AirPods Pro other side

I used the Apple AirPods 2 every day. It took me a while to get use to the AirPods! Mostly because I lost them, so I had to buy some small Anti Slip Tips.

Apple AirPods 2 Apple AirPods 2 with Tips

The connection with your iOS Devices is a no brainer. It just works, just confirm that you want to connect, done! Nothing new.

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The feature I like most: the transparency mode. While I commute, the transparency mode is a great enhancement!

You can switch the Mode by click on the AirPod, but I figured out, that a Shortcut makes it much easier for me. I played around with some of the Shortcuts, but I ended up with 3 easy ones:

  • Noise Cancelation Mode
  • Transparency Mode
  • Off

Shortcuts on the iPhone Shortcuts on the iPad

As soon as I entered the train, I put in the AirPod and enabled Noise Cancelation Mode! Without staring any music or play a podcast. You can still hear a bit of the surrounding noise, but nearly nothing. As soon as I started some music, even on a very low volume: Nothing! Then an announcement was started, I switched to the transparency mode, and even with music playing at a very low level, it was understandable. Yes, you can still pull one AirPod and the music stops, but this is not always what I want. Especially if you’re in a phone call.

AirPods Pro charging

I use the AirPods to take or place phone calls, cell and with Microsoft Teams. It looks like they also changed a few things here because the other party told me, that the sound was much better. Even outside, where the AirPods 2 had much more issues with wind.

AirPods Pro in ear

The battery life seems to be, more or less, unchanged: After my daily commute, the AirPods Pro still had about 60 percent of battery left. Nearly the same as with my AirPods 2 before.

AirPods Pro in the charging case

The only use case where the AirPods 2 where better: Use them as a headset when wearing a hat/cap! The Pods of the AirPods 2 are longer.

To sum up my fist impression: Awesome! A real upgrade!

Do you need to have them? Properly not, if you want a headset with Noise Cancelation and Transparency Mode: YES, they might be exactly what you should get!

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