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Apple AirPods Pro after a few days

The new Apple AirPods Pro arrived a couple of days ago, and my first impression was mind blowing! They sound so much better and the noise cancelation works flawless.

And best of all: They fit perfectly into my ears, without any further Ear-Tips.

I used the Apple AirPods 2 every day. It took me a while to get use to the AirPods! Mostly because I lost them, so I had to buy some small Anti Slip Tips.

The connection with your iOS Devices is a no brainer. It just works, just confirm that you want to connect, done! Nothing new.

The feature I like most: the transparency mode. While I commute, the transparency mode is a great enhancement!

You can switch the Mode by click on the AirPod, but I figured out, that a Shortcut makes it much easier for me. I played around with some of the Shortcuts, but I ended up with 3 easy ones:

  • Noise Cancelation Mode
  • Transparency Mode
  • Off

As soon as I entered the train, I put in the AirPod and enabled Noise Cancelation Mode! Without staring any music or play a podcast. You can still hear a bit of the surrounding noise, but nearly nothing. As soon as I started some music, even on a very low volume: Nothing!
Then an announcement was started, I switched to the transparency mode, and even with music playing at a very low level, it was understandable.
Yes, you can still pull one AirPod and the music stops, but this is not always what I want. Especially if you’re in a phone call.

AirPods Pro charging
AirPods Pro charging

I use the AirPods to take or place phone calls, cell and with Microsoft Teams. It looks like they also changed a few things here because the other party told me, that the sound was much better. Even outside, where the AirPods 2 had much more issues with wind.

AirPods Pro in ear
AirPods Pro in ear

The battery life seems to be, more or less, unchanged: After my daily commute, the AirPods Pro still had about 60 percent of battery left. Nearly the same as with my AirPods 2 before.

AirPods Pro in the charging case
AirPods Pro in the charging case

The only use case where the AirPods 2 where better: Use them as a headset when wearing a hat/cap! The Pods of the AirPods 2 are longer.

To sum up my fist impression: Awesome! A real upgrade!

Do you need to have them? Properly not, if you want a headset with Noise Cancelation and Transparency Mode: YES, they might be exactly what you should get!

Both packages
Both packages
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  1. Niklas Niklas

    You mention using the Airpods Pro placing taking and placing calls with Microsoft Teams, could you elaborate on your experience with this? I see numerous reports online with people having issues doing just that, and have got the impression this is a problem on Apple’s end – so nothing one can do to fix it until Apple decides to. Which may or may not happen.

    Considering upgrading my own Airpods 2, and using them with Teams in my office landscape will potentially be one of the use cases going forward, so thankful for any response!

    • Joerg Hochwald Joerg Hochwald


      i works fine for me. Sometimes the other end tells me, that the sound is a bit crappy (my voice seems to sound like an robot).

      A while ago a had two calls, where the other party wasn’t able to understand anything! Even after I called back! As soon as I switched to the phone (without the AirPods) it worked. Never had that issue again, but since then Teams was updates and Apple release some Firmware updates.

      Other then that: I never had any further issues wit h the AirPods Pro! Not while listening to music, or podcast. No issues with calls on the iPhone, not with Teams and not with Acrobits Softphone SIP Client.

      The only thing where I miss my Plantronics Voyager: Wind! When it’s windy, the other end will not like it.

      • Oren Rudavsy Oren Rudavsy

        Airpods do not work with Teams. Luckily you can use Zoom or Slack instead, they are made for business and work fine.

        • Joerg Hochwald Joerg Hochwald

          Sorry Oren, I don’t get the point here.
          The AirPods work great with Microsoft Teams for me. So I do disagree with you comment.
          The only drawback (and this is based on the implementation within Electron from Microsoft): You need to change the System Audio to the AirPods.
          And this has nothing to do with the AirPods, you have to do the same with other Devices.

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