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What if Apple discontinues the Mac product line?

There are are a lot rumor’s around the Internet, that might discontinues the Mac product line. Most rumor’s says, that the Mac will be phased out and will be replaced by powerful new iPad’s.

Most of these rumor’s are driven by the latest iPad Pro commercial, where a girl with iPad Pro is asking “What’s a computer?” at the end.

But what if Apple decides to discontinue the Mac product line? A question I can answer for myself very easy and quickly: The iPad (Pro) is great, but it will never replace my computer! And I know a lot of companies that see it the same way. In my case a lot of development stuff and virtualisation is a point that will keep me using a computer, for many companies I know Applications are a key asset.
Agencies or web developers (both heavy mac users) need powerful applications, like Adobes creative cloud products. I agree: There are iOS versions of some, but no way to replace the full blown desktop version of them!

Another killer might be the missing mouse experience! In some cases using fingers and gestures seems to be uncomfortable. And even simple things like Copy and Paste could be a problem, that depends on the Application.
And no exchangeable storage, like USB Sticks, or the missing File System Access (and the Files app isn’t a real replacement) is another killer.

So what would I do? After think about that, I would immediately (on the day of such an announcement!) change to lightweight Windows 10 powered Notebook and drop my Macbook Pro! But that would change a lot more. Right now I love in something I call “the golden Cage“, the Apple Eco Cosmos! Apple sets the parameters and I enjoy the fact that alle my stuff is in sync and available between all my devices. That includes two Mac’s running macOS! As soon as my desktop is out of that, I would try to find a solution that fit’s better to my new requirements. Maybe I would then think about another phone as well. Son’t get me wrong: The iPhone X is great. But the best think in my opinion is the awesome macOS and iCloud integration that Apple provides. That would be (much) less useful for me without my, macOS based, computers.

And I use the Microsoft 365 Services and Applications heavily, so that would open up things… In my case the only Apple product I wouldn’t be able to replace right now: The iPad! There are a few other good tablet computers, but the iPad is still my favourite.
But to be honest: I would take a closer look at the upcoming Windows based tablet computers. The first impressions seems to be great.

And I think that I’m not the only one who would immediately start to find alternative solutions. And they might also end up with different Smartphones, SmartWatches and other stuff.

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