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Author / Joerg Hochwald

I had a very interesting workshop with administrators and IT guys from a customer (a customer of a partner to be correct). One of the very first questions, like so often, was: Is it possible to install all PowerShell requirements for Office 365 with a single command? The easy answer is: No, it is not… […]

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During a customer workshop, we developed a few neat AAD Connect tools. Here are some of them, they could be the base for your own tools: If you see nothing above, your computer might blocked the Gist content. You might then want to take a look here (the real source). With Azure Active Directory (AAD) […]

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/ 2016-12-21 / Comments Off on MacBook Pro 2016 after a few days

MacBook Pro 2016 after a few days

After working with the New MacBook Pro 2016 I must admit: It is better than expected! I was worried after all the bad comments and some of the early tests. At least for me the upgrade from the three-year-old MacBook Air to the new MacBook Pro is a great improvement.

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/ 2016-12-18 / Comments Off on MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar

MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar

I have switched to the new MacBook Pro 13” (With Touch Bar) a few days ago. Here is my opinion after the first few days 😉 I decided to get the 13” cause, I want an ultra portable system, cause I carry it with me every day and the weight counts for me. And the […]

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/ 2016-12-08 / Comments Off on Marketing vs. Engineering

Marketing vs. Engineering

There are a few launch issues at the new Vooza site, but the marketing and engineering departments have very different outlooks on them. And now replace Vooza with many of the major brands in the Internet… Does that ring a bell? Source Vooza

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