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Author: Joerg Hochwald

I work as developer, consultant, and enterprise architect and I'm a big fan of PowerShell and Agile development.
I help organisations to get workloads to the cloud and teams to create better software solutions.

Microsoft AD FS behind a Load Balancer

A friend called me today with a urgent question: Why did our Load Balancer shows all Nodes in our AD FS Farm as down?

The answer is a bit complicated: AD FS (Active Directory Federation Services) doesn’t answer correct to the bind/probe and therefore, the Load Balancer marks the Server(s) as down. The Problem is Layer 6/7 and based on how Microsft handles SSL for SNI (Server Name Indication) within AD FS. WAP (Web Application Proxy) handles that, but most load balancers have an issue with that.

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Ein PSCredential gegen Active Directory validieren

Ich wollte eine einfache Möglichkeit eine per Get-Credential in eine Variable gespeichertes PSCredential Objekt.
Es gibt Unmengen an Funktionen die das könne. Allerdings wird der BadLogonCount bei den meisten direkt um 2 erhöht. Das liegt daran, dass die meisten einen Bind machen und dann einen Befehl im Context absetzten. Das wollte ich aber nicht!

This content is older than 2 years. It might be outdated.
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