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Author: Joerg Hochwald

I work as developer, consultant, and enterprise architect and I'm a big fan of PowerShell and Agile development.
I help organisations to get workloads to the cloud and teams to create better software solutions.

Bald wieder da!

Im Oktober habe ich meine Domains mit sämtlichen Inhalten auf einen neuen Server verschoben!

Beim verschieben scheint es die WordPress Datenbank irgendwie zerlegt zu haben.
Sämtliche Bilder waren nicht mehr verlinkt und es gab auch diverse andere Probleme (gerade was die Verlinkung angeht).

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I will be back soon!

This week I had to move my domains and Web stuff from one server to another. During this move, I found that the WordPress database seems to have some issues. There were a lot of references to attached Files (Mostly images) that doesn’t work…

My WordPress installation was a bit old, since I launched my site back in 2008, I upgraded, downgraded and moved it around a lot!

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