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thank you
/ 2016-12-02 / Comments Off on Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!

Thank you all for all the birthday wishes on the different channels and social networks! You are awesome!!! The Birthday boy šŸ™‚

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Accelerated Mobile Pages
/ 2016-11-21 / Comments Off on AMP Problems solved

AMP Problems solved

As reported yesterday, I enabled the Accelerated Mobile PagesĀ (AMP) version of my Blog again. And as I mentioned in the updated post: I found some issues! This issues are solved and theĀ Accelerated Mobile PagesĀ (AMP) variant should work fine now.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages
/ 2016-11-20 / Comments Off on AMP Version of my Blog is back (Updated)

AMP Version of my Blog is back (Updated)

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Version of my Blog is back! After the fresh start, I did some tweaks, mostly under the hood, and some further (minor) design changes. Now I decided to bring back the Accelerated Mobile PagesĀ (AMP) function. This could increase the performance on Mobile Devices a lot. It will not load any […]

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/ 2016-11-19 / Comments Off on Here we go

Here we go

As announced a while ago, I decided to start this page with a green field approach! And here we are: A new WordPress Installation with a few Plugins only. I’m not sure if I stay with this theme, but even if IĀ decide to change it would be another light weight one.

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/ 2016-10-22 / Comments Off on I will be back soon!

I will be back soon!

This week I had to move my domains and Web stuff from one server to another. During this move, I found that the WordPress database seems to have some issues. There were a lot of references to attached Files (Mostly images) that doesn’t work… My WordPress installation was a bit old, since I launched my […]

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