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Synchronize time with external NTP server

A reliable time source within an Active Directory environment (or networks in general) is critical.
A prefer an expensive GPS Clock; others don’t care… I decided a while ago that I sync my DCs with an NTP source.

Please keep in Mind, that your servers need access to the NTP Servers on the UDP Port 123 (NTP) to sync the clock with them. So your Firwall needs to allow this.

In a minimum your Server with the FSMO Role PDC should sync. Here is how to find this server:

rem Get the PDC FSMO Role (Or apply it to all your DCs)
netdom /query fsmo
rem This will show you all FSMO Roles, see the PDC role for your main DC server

You can do that on all your DCs (or at least on one in every location/Site).

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Microsoft AD FS behind a Load Balancer

A friend called me today with a urgent question: Why did our Load Balancer shows all Nodes in our AD FS Farm as down?

The answer is a bit complicated: AD FS (Active Directory Federation Services) doesn’t answer correct to the bind/probe and therefore, the Load Balancer marks the Server(s) as down. The Problem is Layer 6/7 and based on how Microsft handles SSL for SNI (Server Name Indication) within AD FS. WAP (Web Application Proxy) handles that, but most load balancers have an issue with that.

This content is older than 2 years. It might be outdated.

Apple 3D Touch Trick

Wenn es mehr als eine Notification in einem Order auf dem iPhone gibt, können alle Apps auf einmal per 3D Touch angezeigt werden für die eine vorliegt! Dazu einfach fest (3D Touch) den entsprechenden Ordner drücken… Und schon sind alle Apps mit einer Notification aus dem entsprechenden Ordner zu sehen!

3D Touch a Folder
3D Touch einen Ordner
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