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A Dark Mode is available

In a workshop this week we discussed things like Dark Mode (aka Night Mode) and that this is important. Modern operating systems (like Windows 10 or macOS Mojave) offer such functionality, but WordPress is not.

So, I started to play around, and build something. Then a fried told me that I could take a look at the WP Night Mode extension for WordPress. Within a few minutes, WP Night Mode was installed, and the setup is more than easy! A few clicks and it was done.

Today I implemented it here. However, I know, that there a re a few things that are still now working or cause issues:

  • The Cookie is set, and the Plugin ignores the cookie policy
  • The buttons are not visible until you hover on them (mouse over)
  • Tags are based on buttons, see above
  • A few other things look crappy

Please test it and tell me what you think.

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