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DSC and Other issues with KB3150513 on Windows 2016 after installation

I installed the KB3150513 on some Windows 2016 Based systems. The Installation doesn’t ask for or enforced a reboot.
A couple of minutes later I pushed an updated DSC configuration and I saw the following Error Message:

The request to list features available on the specified server failed.
A DISM session could not be opened.

I also had some issue with the Server Manager (Same problem to be correct).

Server Manager Reported an Error
Server Manager Reported an Error

My first reaction was to check the Windows Installer (msiserver) service. But the service was stopped (as it should be). Even a start of Windows Installer (msiserver) service doesn’t solve the issue.

To make a long story short: A reboot fixed the issue!

Full Log here:

Tried the same on several other Windows 2016 Servers, all with the same issue. Even a logoff and re-Login doesn’t solve the issue. Only a reboot fixed this.

Server Manager Refresh failed
Server Manager Refresh failed

And I checked the same procedure on several other systems: Didn’t get a request to reboot!

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