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Forbes: Google Is Winning The Cloud War

I found the following article on Forbes: Google Is Winning The Cloud War

Google’s secret weapon is simple – it’s roots.

That is the credo and key takeaway of this Forbes article!

However, the roots of Amazon are the same. AWS was launched to resell the existing Amazon infrastructure.
And they extended the offering since then over and over again. Even with the competition, they still find ways to be different and grow the cloud business. And to be correct: Amazon invented most of that what we all know as cloud business today.

And Microsoft also have a few benefits: Within Office 365 Microsoft bundles server services that most of use use on a day to day base, like Exchange, SharePoint and others. And they bundle that with the software that many of us use: Microsoft Office.
Starting a hybrid cloud by extend an on premise Active directory is simple, and on top you can automate all the things with one powerful scripting language: PowerShell.

And like Amazon: Resell the existing Azure infrastructure makes the offer complete.

And this is just the view on two other major players in the cloud market.

Don’t get me wrong here, Google is a great cloud service provider, and the roots are the cloud. Nevertheless, the article has a very simple point of view.

If I would write an article like the author did here, the winner might be Microsoft! The main reason why is simple: I know and use Office 365 since eight years now, and my main business is to help customers to bring their services to the Microsoft cloud.

However, if I would write a comparison between the major cloud providers, i would try to make it as objective as possible.

And the Cloud as we know it is much more then just the reselling of some virtual servers!

But hey, that is just my point of view…

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