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I closed the comments for older posts

Due to much comment spam, I decided to close the comments for all posts older than 6 months (180 days).

I had issues with comment spamming before, but in the last few days the number increased dramatically. None made it, my filter where able to tackle them.

But here is where my problem begins: My Filters consume too much memory. And with a thousand comments a day, this was way too much.

I saw that most of the older articles where the primary target of the spammers. I will see how this goes! I may change the time from 180 days to 60 days. Based on what I saw, the spammers start to explore articles older than 60-90 days.

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  1. Joerg Hochwald Joerg Hochwald

    I might reduce the timeframe to 90 days. All the GDPR regulation makes it a bit harder to fight all the crappy comment spam, so close the comment function further down seems to be the only way to tackle it.

  2. Joerg Hochwald Joerg Hochwald

    The issue seems to be solved. Since all the old comments are closed, the load issue is gone.
    I will play around with it and try to find a good/solid value.

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