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MacBook Pro 2016 after a few days

After working with the New MacBook Pro 2016 I must admit: It is better than expected! I was worried after all the bad comments and some of the early tests.

At least for me the upgrade from the three-year-old MacBook Air to the new MacBook Pro is a great improvement.

The Performance is impressive and the 16GB RAM seems to be enough for most of the workload that I have. Sometimes it’s not sufficient, but even when the system starts swapping it’s still very quick. This seems to be the very fast SSD.

MacBook Pro 2016 after a few days MacBook Pro 2016 after a few days

As we all know, Apple removed the time remaining feature from MacOS. Apple explained that with the feature does not work properly with the modern CPU’s. To be honest: I didn’t believed that explanation…
Now, after working a bit longer with the brand-new system it seems to be true! The time remaining (From the Activity Monitor and some 3rd party Tools) jumps up and down a lot.
Right after detach it from the Charger, It showed > 16 hours remaining, after a short time period, it was just 5 hours… And it goes up and down a lot.

MacBook Pro 2016 after a few days

I used some Microsoft Office 2016 Apps (Outlook, Skype and Word), Keynote and had a Windows 10 VM running the complete time and the battery lasted over eight hours. And I had around 20% battery time left. My Display Brightness was set to 50% (As most of the time when disconnected from the charger) and “Automatically adjust brightness” Feature is turned of. I had a WiFi connection, and I had to use Safari a couple of times, but I had just a few Tabs open, and I closed Safari to safe memory and battery life.

So, overall: A good system with a great performance!

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