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Microsoft Edge Insider on macOS

When Microsoft announced that they will kill the original Edge Browser and switch to a new Chromium (not Chrome) based version, I was excited. Mostly for two reasons:

  1. Chromium is the engine used within Electron. One engine means more resources for test and development, hopefully.
  2. Chromium can be used on several platforms, including the Mac.

Shortly after the announcement I found an article that announced exactly that: “Coming soon for macOS“.

And here we are: Microsoft Edge on macOS

Microsoft Edge Insider on macOS
Microsoft Edge Insider on macOS

At the Microsoft build conference the initial (internal?) releases start to show-up on some Mac’s. and shortly after that, the first sites announced that there will be a public build soon.

Another reason why I like to have Edge on my Mac: Cross platform Bookmark sync!
Yes, Google can provide that with Chrome since ages! But I don’t like Chrome that much. Whenever I need an additional browser I use Chromium or Brave.

And on my Windows boxes, Edge is a first-class citizen! And a bookmark sync between my Mac and the Windows boxes will be a big relief.

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