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Some minor code updates

In the past I didn’t post a lot of code here and used the great embedded JavaScript feature of Github to use Gist’s directly here.
I still like that feature, but I also found some issues with that approach. For example: AMP didn’t display and external JavaScript by default. So I decided to post the code local again and just display a link to the Gist behind it.

The WordPress native Code function didn’t work a expected, and most of the Plugins are complex and bring a lot of functions that I didn’t like. So I started to create my own Visual Studio Code (the editor of m choice) extension that could do that for me. As soon as the first (very crappy) alpha version was ready, a friend told me: “Great idea, but why the hell not use“.

After a quick look at descided, to stop the extension experiment, because is awesome. In the last few days I started to update, most of the old posts and embedded Gists are replaced by embedded code fragments.

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