A while ago, Microsoft warned about a critical issue with SMBv1. Microsoft also published updates for that Vulnerability.

The WannaCry Ransomware Attack used that Vulnerability in the SMBv1 implementation with an EternalBlue Exploit. I thing there is more to come! so my advice is to deploy critical updates as fast as possible, nothing new! And I told everyone to avoid the SMBv1 usage (by remove the support), like Microsoft did a few weeks ago.

Here is how to do that.

Remove SMBv1 on Windows 10

Remove SMBv1 on Windows 10

Wind0ws Server SMBv1

Remove SMBv1 on Windows Servers

Another option: Use DSC to enforce the SMBv1 removal.

If you don’t have DSC (and ask yourself: Why not!!!) in place, you can use DSC local on your servers as well:

Here is the DSC MOF file (just an example):

You can use a Group Policy, for Clients and Servers, as well. something I forget to mention!