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More experience with Exchange 2016

A while ago, I published an article about my experience with Exchange 2016 so far. Here is a minor update. Since my post, I found another Issue: The Exchange servers seemed to hand during a restart (reboot)!
We applied some patches on Monday and my two (2) servers hang during the restart. The RDP Session was terminated, but then nothing happened. I waited nearly an hour per node, but nothing happened. Even the local console (Via Hyper-V) was unresponsive. Only a hard Power Cycle fixed my issue.

The Patch was applied successful, so I decided to restart both nodes again today, but I had the same issue again.

And the witness server is available (Running on a dedicated box) and accessible. So the shutdown issue couldn’t be related to that.

I was asked several times what the Issue with the Get-Help is: Get-Help will not work on Windows Server 2016 with all Microsoft Exchange 2016 installed. And this applies only to the Exchange Related commands! Every other work fine (e.g. Get-Help Get-Help will work, but Get-Help Get-Maibox will not).

Get-Help (Remote)
Get-Help (Remote)

An MVP told me, that this might be an issue of my remote PowerShell usage! So I did some tests (again) with the local Exchange Management Shell: Same issue!

Get-Help (Native)
Get-Help (Native)

Another question was about the servers: Nope, they are US English! So it’s not an issue of a localized version of Windows Server 2016.

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