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New template applied

A while ago I decided to refresh the template of my site. I started to build my own theme based on a pure HTML5 boilerplate. Then I decided to evaluate a template, a lightweight one… I ended up with Author, a free template from Compete Themes.

It’s lightweight and fast… and it’s free! There is also a commercial version called Author Pro. I like the idea; the pro version is not a dedicated theme it’s just a plugin that extends the theme that I already use. Maybe I get the Pro version in the future, but for now the regular version seems to do everything I need for this site.

I took the chance to remove a few things that I no longer use. Like the Author Info Box and other stuff. I still had that, cause I had a few guest authors on my old site. I decided that I didn’t do that here, so I removed everything related to that.
I also clean up a few other things, and I will clean up and tweak a few more things soon.

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