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Microsoft Teams Room Device 2/2

This is the second article about the Microsoft Teams Room Device solution, this time with a focus on the Microsoft Solution (The Microsoft Teams Room Device software).

The Microsoft Teams Room solution provide everything that you need to have a convenient Meeting Solution for Microsoft Teams (or Skype for Business)!

I do most of my online Meetings with Microsoft Teams! Just a few are Skype for Business based. Both work very well and smooth. It’s really just one click and you are in the Meeting.
I need to present (Slides and screen-sharing), and both of my use cases are very easy to use. Here comes my setup into the game: I have a dedicated content monitor!

Microsoft Teams Room Device 1/2

Since a while I have a Microsoft Teams Room Device in use. Here are my first impressions and some opinions about it.

My Room System is based on an HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms G2 Audio ready in combination with a Logitech Rally Plus. So I decided to split this in half: This article is about the HP Hardware and the rest of the setup. The next one will be more about the Microsoft Teams Rooms Solution on top of it.