As a Apple Fan boy, I'm happy that PowerShell Core is now available for macOS! Together with Visual Studio Code I'm able to run a lot of things on my Mac without having a virtual Windows machine running.

I was asked: "Do you use the native macOS PowerShell to connect to Office 365".
The short answer is: "Not really"!

And at the moment (December 2017) there are two main reasons for that:

  1. The connection is not fast and connection is not reliable! (See below)
  2. Many Office 365 services, like Skype for Business or Sharepoint, need a PowerShell local module and they are not available for non-Windows platforms yet!

I tested all the v6 beta releases and the basic Exchange Online connection worked in some, sometimes better, sometimes not. Even with the latest PowerShell Core v6 RC2 the connection isn't always working or it is very slow during the connection or the import. Connecting to the Compliance Center seems to work like the Exchange Online connection: In general it seems to work… With exactly the same issues.

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There are are a lot rumor’s around the Internet, that might discontinues the Mac product line. Most rumor’s says, that the Mac will be phased out and will be replaced by powerful new iPad’s.

Most of these rumor’s are driven by the latest iPad Pro commercial, where a girl with iPad Pro is asking “What’s a computer?” at the end.

But what if Apple decides to discontinue the Mac product line? A question I can answer for myself very easy and quickly: The iPad (Pro) is great, but it will never replace my computer! And I know a lot of companies that see it the same way. In my case a lot of development stuff and virtualisation is a point that will keep me using a computer, for many companies I know Applications are a key asset.
Agencies or web developers (both heavy mac users) need powerful applications, like Adobes creative cloud products. I agree: There are iOS versions of some, but no way to replace the full blown desktop version of them!

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Apple Released Security Update 2017-001 and that might cause Issues with File Sharing

Alle was very quick with the Patch for the “Blank Root Password Issue“! Some User reported that this Security Update introduces a new Issue: File sharing Problems!

Apple acknowledged the problem and was quick again: Apple released a support document with a guidance.

Here is the procedure that Apple provided:

  1. Open ‘Terminal’ or ‘iTerm2’
  2. Type sudo /usr/libexec/configureLocalKDC
  3. Authenticate with your Admin password

Many blames Apple for the bad experience now! To be fair: Apple was very quick with the Release of the Fix! If you push such a patch to production, this is what can happen!

But, the overall quality of Apple’s Software sucks! The latest iOS Releases caused a lot of issues. MacOS High Sierra was OK, but it also caused some issues.

Change root password on macOS

A vulnerability within MacOS High Sierra was discoverd: It allowes logins and/or changes to critical Settings with the Superuser (root) without a password.
I’m sure that Apple is already working on a permanent fix for that, until then you should safe your Mac!

Howto fix the macOS blank root password Security issue?

  1. Open ‘Terminal’ or ‘iTerm2’
  2. Type ‘sudo passwd root’
  3. Type your (User) password
  4. Select a strong password for root (and repeat it)

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The PowerShell Team released the v6.0.0-rc version of PowerShell 6 Core.
The Release notes sounds interesting and PowerShell Core is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and macOS) experience. Read More

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