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I installed the KB3150513 on some Windows 2016 Based systems. The Installation doesn’t ask for or enforced a reboot.
A couple of minutes later I pushed an updated DSC configuration and I saw the following Error Message:

The request to list features available on the specified server failed.
A DISM session could not be opened.

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Exchange Server

Paul Cunningham wrote a very interesting article about that topic!
His key point here: No! possibly not.

And I agree a 100 percent!

What makes that so interesting: I had the same discussion with a customer last week!
They plan to move to the cloud (Office 365) soon. However, the customers business needs the mail service available. Now!

Here is my approach for the customer:

  • Install a second Exchange 2013 Server (virtual)
  • Establish a HAProxy based Load Balancer
  • Configure Database Availability Groups (DAG)
  • Configure a Witness-Server (Existing HA solution was used) – Could be a cheap Azure Service as well

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Ich werde die Deutsche Version dieser Seite in kürze komplett entfernen! Die Multi Language Implementierung hat mir von Anfang an immer mal wieder Probleme gemacht.

Ich habe nun Mitte April ein Piwik basierenden Statistik Tool laufen und basierend auf dessen Daten sehe ich hier kaum besuche. Mir ist absolut klar, dass meine Statistiken durchaus unscharf sind, da das Tool die ‘Do Not Track‘ Einstellungen respektiert und dadurch im direkten Vergleich zu meiner alten Statistik an sich schon 30-40 Prozent weniger Traffic zu sehen ist. Aber die Deutsche Variante scheint kaum Sinn zu machen und dann kann ich mir den Aufwand und die Implementierung auch sparen.

Zusätzlich habe ich immer mal wieder Probleme mit der AMP Variante, auch hier werde ich wohl einige weitere Änderungen vornehmen.

Ich suche noch einen sicheren Weg um die Beiträge zusammenzuführen. Sobald das so funktioniert ich mir das vorstelle, werde ich es durchführen.

I will remove the Multi Language capabilities and change AMP version within the next few days.
Back in April I decided to install a Piwik based statistic tool and based on what I found, the German version makes no sense.

I know, that I missed a lot of visits because the statistic tool is configured to (strictly) respect the ‘Do Not Track‘ settings of visitors. Compared to my old statistics something between 30-40 percent is missing. However, if I compare the regular (English) and the German version, there seems to be nearly no more traffic on the German part.

I also found some issues with the AMP version (Also has very low traffic, by the way). I will try to fix this by apply a few new/different settings.

I have to figure out a way how to merge all the data (the German posts) without messing up everything. Even so, I think by the end of the week this should be done.

A couple of days ago, I published a free tool to scan your Active Directory for all Windows based Systems and report if the EternalBlue (WannaCry) related Hotfixes are installed.


Today, I published a new and extended version of the tool: The scan is much more accurate and it also reports the EternalBlue (WannaCry) related SMBv1 informations.
The tool now generates a CSV reporting instead of the simple text based from the old version. That makes it easy to use Excel (or any other tool that can do the Job) to filter and reuse the reporting data.

The tool is available for free (Freeware and Public Domain) on GitHub.
The Source is still not published and never will be! There are parts the Enabling Technology Framework included, and this is not open Source.
But the basic idea is based on the Gist Files I published here and on GitHub.

Here is a quick overview of the changes:

  • Changed the Output from plain ASC Text to CSV
  • Use some CIM calls to gather the needed information
  • Export to Excel to support native Excel Files instead of CSV Had some issues with that.
  • Gather more infos (e.g. the SMBv1 related infos)
  • Get all related Hotfixes
  • UI improved
  • Elevation (Admin) check
  • Scan now shows a bit more info while it runs
  • Installer is now 64Bit
  • Name of the installer is changed
  • Default location is changed (for the installer)
  • Now all Windows based systems are reported (Even newer Windows 10 based systems

You will find the Executable and an Installer on the GitHub Page for the tool. The old version of both is still available on the GitHub Page.