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Azure Active Directory Connect

Not even a week after releasing Azure Active Directory Connect Version 1.1.484.0, Microsoft Released Azure Active Directory Connect Version 1.1.486.0.

Azure Active Directory Connect Version 1.1.484.0 has a lot of new functions and improvements. Version 1.1.486.0 seems to be a fix (hotfix?) for localized versions of Windows Servers.

Download: Azure Active Directory Connect Version 1.1.486.0.

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In many Blogs the wrong command is still listed to turn on the performance mode for macOS Sierra Server.

The correct one for Sierra to turn it on:

sudo nvram boot-args="serverperfmode=1 $(nvram boot-args 2>/dev/null | cut -f 2-)"

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Back in November 2016, right after my old database crashed and ended up corrupted, I decided to try a light-weight blog only template. The one I use right now is based on Author. First, I was happy, but there are a few things that I don’t like.
And due to the limited time that I’m willing/able to spend I might change the template again!

It will be another light-weight, and blog focused one, but I will play around with some in the next few weeks.

Any tips?

Exchange Server

Because we have to support newer Exchange Versions early, we decided to update to Exchange 2016 early. With CU4, we decided to upgrade all servers to Windows Server 2016. The Exchange boxes where the last Windows 2012R2 boxes in our productive Active Directory then. Read More

A reliable time source within an Active Directory environment (or networks in general) is critical.
A prefer an expensive GPS Clock; others don’t care… I decided a while ago that I sync my DCs with an NTP source.

Please keep in Mind, that your servers need access to the NTP Servers on the UDP Port 123 (NTP) to sync the clock with them. So your Firwall needs to allow this.

In a minimum your Server with the FSMO Role PDC should sync. Here is how to find this server:

rem Get the PDC FSMO Role (Or apply it to all your DCs)
netdom /query fsmo
rem This will show you all FSMO Roles, see the PDC role for your main DC server

You can do that on all your DCs (or at least on one in every location/Site).

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