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Ein PSCredential gegen Active Directory validieren

Ich wollte eine einfache Möglichkeit eine per Get-Credential in eine Variable gespeichertes PSCredential Objekt.
Es gibt Unmengen an Funktionen die das könne. Allerdings wird der BadLogonCount bei den meisten direkt um 2 erhöht. Das liegt daran, dass die meisten einen Bind machen und dann einen Befehl im Context absetzten. Das wollte ich aber nicht!

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Download and Install Office 365 PowerShell requirements

I had a very interesting workshop with administrators and IT guys from a customer (a customer of a partner to be correct). One of the very first questions, like so often, was: Is it possible to install all PowerShell requirements for Office 365 with a single command?

The easy answer is: No, it is not… Sorry!
The true, and longer answer must be: There are a lot of scripts available on Technet, or GitHub (and elsewhere) that can do the job for you.

However, we then started to build an individual script that can do exactly that: Download and install all required PowerShell Modules for Office 365.

We defined the following requirements:

  • Do each step in an separate function (Agreed, that makes the code more complex)
  • Use an external parameter File (that contains the URL)
  • Make it robust (e.g. implement some error handling)
This content is older than 3 years. It might be outdated.