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Export Exchange Mailbox Permissions to CSV Files for archiving or migrations

To migrate from one Exchange environment to another, you might need to save and restore a few mailbox permissions.
There is a lot of tooling, free and open-source and commercial, available. I recently faced the challenge again and I decided to make the following functions that I use available as Open-Source.
Until a few days ago, they where part of our commercial suite of PowerShell Modules. I just removed a few things here and there: Logging, Error Handling and a few fields.

What you can to with the following:

  • Get a detailed mailbox permission report
  • Get a detailed mailbox Send permission report
  • Get a detailed mailbox folder permission report

The usual disclaimer:
This is open-source software, if you find an issue try to fix it yourself. There is no support and/or warranty in any kind!

Microsoft Teams Client customisation settings via PowerShell

I deploy Microsoft Teams to all my clients by default. Some of the default settings are not what I want, but many of my test clients are not managed in a domain (or just Azure Active Directory joined), and that makes it hard to deploy any configuration. And as a bonus, I use Mac Clients!

I started to create a PowerShell Script to manipulate the desktop-config.json. During some digging, I found an article Eli Shlomo: Microsoft Teams Client Personalization with PowerShell. I really liked his code, so I decided to drop my approach and adopted his solution to fit my own requirements.