Featured image of post This site now runs on Hugo

This site now runs on Hugo

After many years running Wordpress, I decided to switch my personal site to something more lightweight.

Because I use already use Hugo for several other sites and projects, the decision wasn’t hard.

But migration everything wasn’t as easy as I thought! I dumped the complete content into Markdown, but many small things are not really compatible. Some Plugins I used with Wordpress created a crappy syntax, and the that caused a lot of pain during the migration.

But during the easter break, I started the process of all the manual interactions.

I recreated most of the code fragments, they are now published as native Markdown content.

Not done yet!

I still have a few issues, mostly with all the pictures. I will fix that as soon as possible. Meanwhile some posts might look a bit crappy. As soon as I figure out something smooth, I will update everything.

Another thing that still needs a bit more work: The Categories! I still have some work with them.

Why I decided to drop Wordpress?

A friend asked me:

Why did you drop Wordpress?

The simple answer: Wordpress gets more and more complex! This page is a very small blog, I don’t need all the fancy enhancements.

Please don’t get me wrong here: Wordpress is great! It’s just not the right think for me, I like it simple.


And because Hugo create plain HTML and CSS content, the speed is amazing. Withount any further tweaking or tuning, the page loads much faster.

Git Support

I use a (local) Git repository, that makes versioning easy. I don’t use GitHub yet, but I do think about it. Mostly because I can use some of the ready to use GitHub action.

No more Comments

I also decided to get rid of the comments!

Over the years the number of comments dropped dramatically and the problem with Spam increased a lot.