By default the Active Directory related commands search for a best domain controller. This is great, but by default, I want them to make use of the closest one.

And when I do bulk operations, I even want to do that on the server who have the PDC role. Some might find that useful as well.

# When it comes to scripts that do bulk operations, especially bulk loads and manipulation,
# I use the following within the Script:
if (Get-Command Set-ADServerUsage -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) 
	Set-ADServerUsage -pdc

Please note: The write operations during bulk operations against the server that has the PDC role might not be allowed within your company. Please ask your Domain Admins before doing it! You might see a increased replication traffic if you use the PDC Server. You might also keep in mind.
There is a fine line between the benefit by using the PDC and the drawbacks that you might get. I might be better to use the closest one instead. Something you have to decide based on the operations that you want to do!