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Skype for Business Mac Client Status Message, Issue?

After installing the latest Skype for Business Client on MacOS Sierra, the Status message is pre filled with the word Note.

Skype 4 Business Status field
Skype 4 Business Status field

All contacts see me, without any Status message. If I click on the field, the status message is, then set to “Note“, even if I then click somewhere (not OK).

Skype 4 Business Edit field
Skype 4 Business Edit field

The contacts now see me with the personal status message “Note“.

Skype 4 Business now note is set
Skype 4 Business now note is set

The Skype for Business on Premises Server is Version 2015 with CU4. The Client is the latest Release and seems to be the same on the latest Insider Fast Ring (Version 16.7.196).

I just found that because several of my contacts had the Status message “Note“, all of these have a Mac. All Windows Clients (Where the default is “What’s happening today?“) act normal. If I click on a Windows Client in the field, nothing is set.

Tested the same with Skype for Business Online (Part of Office 365 E3), with the same result.
I tested that with several MAC’s and different Skype Client Versions (See above). Anyone an idea what happened here?

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  1. Glenn Glenn

    We are seeing the same issue documented above in our environment. Has anyone found the cause and resolution to the problem?

    • Joerg Hochwald Joerg Hochwald

      Hi Glenn,

      the problem is the combination of Skype on Premises and the Skype for Business Client for the Mac.

      Someone told me, that after upgrading the Skype Server to the latest CU and the Mac Client to 16.14.126, that the issue is gone.

      As a workaround: Advise the users to set any Status message 🙂
      Sorry, I reported the issue towards Microsoft, but didn’t get any response, at least not yet.

      And from what I see: Microsoft focused on Teams right now.

    • Joerg Hochwald Joerg Hochwald

      Update: I can confirm, that the Problem is gone with the latest Insider Build of the Skype for Business Mac Client!

      I just tested the procedure above with Version 16.14.126 and the field is now empty!

      • Glenn Glenn

        Our S4B Servers are all running CU6 and my client is on the latest build released this week. 16.14.149 and I still have this issue.

        The only workaround is to set a status message, but that leaves us without the option of not having a status message.

        Any other suggestions or thoughts are welcome.

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