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Skype for Business on MacOS is getting better!

The April 2017 release brings Peer-to-peer file transfer capabilities to the MacOS Client of Skype for Business. That was one of the most missed and requested features on the MacOS platform.

Skype4B Peer-to-peer file transfer
Skype4B Peer-to-peer file transfer

But before starting to party hard, because you missed that feature to… There is one (big) drawback: It is a Skype Online Feature! No on Premises, at least for now.

Here is the announcement:

Peer-to-peer file transfer is enabled for Skype for Business Online. Users can now send and receive files while in a chat session by clicking the paper clip in the chat message input box. They can also drag files directly from the Finder to the chat message input box.

See the “Peer-to-peer file transfer is enabled for Skype for Business Online“?

And here is a picture from the same Mac, only with my on Premises User is used:

No Peer-to-peer file transfer on Premises
No Peer-to-peer file transfer on Premises

The April release also contains a few interesting improvements. The complete list can be found on the what’s new in Skype for Business 2016 page of Microsoft.

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  1. Jane Muskoviz Jane Muskoviz

    There is another way to transfer big files over the internet. I transfer big files with Binfer all the time.

    • Joerg Hochwald Joerg Hochwald


      Correct. There are several services to transfer files (e.g. WeeTransfer and many others). The P2P transfer of Skype for Business is internal! From one user within the company to another User. The content stays on premises (with Skype Online within the tenant). That is a big difference from a data protection perspective.
      No additional cloud, no additional service.
      No the File transfer works fine on windows (from Windows client to Windows client).

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