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Some changes ahead

I will remove the Multi Language capabilities and change AMP version within the next few days.
Back in April I decided to install a Piwik based statistic tool and based on what I found, the German version makes no sense.

I know, that I missed a lot of visits because the statistic tool is configured to (strictly) respect the ‘Do Not Track‘ settings of visitors. Compared to my old statistics something between 30-40 percent is missing. However, if I compare the regular (English) and the German version, there seems to be nearly no more traffic on the German part.

I also found some issues with the AMP version (Also has very low traffic, by the way). I will try to fix this by apply a few new/different settings.

I have to figure out a way how to merge all the data (the German posts) without messing up everything. Even so, I think by the end of the week this should be done.

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