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Tag: Ghost presence

Ghost presence with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

The Problem with the Ghost or Phantom presence continues, and it might cause more and more problems! Spoiler alter: Microsoft is working on it.

Ghost presence
Ghost presence

First a wrap-up of the issue itself:

  • The Microsoft Teams Clients sets my Skype for Business presence to available (green) as soon as I start it
  • When I manually set myself to busy or do not disturb (Both should indicate red) it stays with available (green) as Skype for Business presence
  • If I place a phone call or join a meeting in Microsoft Teams (Yep, I useĀ Microsoft Teams more and more) the Skype for Business presence is still available (green)
    Chats and calls from Skype for Business arrive on my (iOS based) Smartphone Client, because I don’t start the Skype for Business Client all the time (anymore).
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