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Windows 10: Updates from Microsoft Store failed with 0x800706D9

Recently on two of my Windows 10 systems all updates from the Microsoft Store failed with Error 0x800706D9.

Update Error 0x800706D9
Update Error 0x800706D9

I had that issue back in 2017, back then it turned out that the Storage Service was turned off. And the same issue was the reason today.

Windows Storage Service
Windows Storage Service

After turning on the Storage Service (just execute services.msc as admin), the store applied the hanging updates without any issues. Manual as Startup Type is fine.

Updates Applied
Updates Applied

I have no idea what turned off the Storage Service!

Automate macOS Mojaves dark mode

In my opinion, the macOS Mojaves dark mode is one of the best features that Apple introduced for me. I work after hours a lot and the dark mode is awesome for that!
But I think Apple forgot to implement a automation or scheduler for that!

There is a freeware tool called NightOwl that can do the job. I just tested it and it works fine.
But in my workflow I need to do a bit more then just toggle the dark mode of macOS Mojave. Some Apps have the same (and many of then are still not so deeply integrated into macOS Mojave that they use the toggle).
So I came up with an poor mens approach that uses the macOS internal functionality (StartCalendarInterval with LaunchAgents)! to call a script that does all the thinks I want.

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