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Logitech Rally Plus

I upgraded one of out Conference rooms from a Polycom Trio 8800 to a Logitech Rally Plus system last week.

Main reason for the change/switch: Support for more Video conferencing software!

The Polycom Trio 8800 in combination with the Visual+ is a great solution for our Skype for Business infrastructure. It was OK with Microsoft Teams (as Audio only solution). But many of our customers and partners use different services! We have to use a lot of Zoom and WebEx lately, in an addition to our own Microsoft Teams video meetings.

A while ago, we already placed a dedicated PC into the conference room to join all the different meetings. We mostly used the Trio in USB Mode and we also evaluated the “Poly Pass Through” driver. It worked but switching around the different modes and configurations wasn’t perfect. And we needed a better camera, the Logitech C930e is a bit outdated!

Poly Elara 60 WS my impressions

About 8 weeks ago, I switched from a Polycom VVX 601 Desk phone with Plantronics Savi 8220 Headset to a Poly Elara 60 WS for Voyager Focus. I already had the Voyager Focus headset, so it was a perfect match.

Poly Elara 60 WS
Poly Elara 60 WS

The idea and concept of the Elara 60 makes perfect sense for me: Have a companion device for my main device, an Apple iPhone X in my case, that makes call handling better and easier. And I’m a heavy Microsoft Teams User, the dedicated Teams key makes perfect sense for me.

Microsoft Teams Client customisation settings via PowerShell

I deploy Microsoft Teams to all my clients by default. Some of the default settings are not what I want, but many of my test clients are not managed in a domain (or just Azure Active Directory joined), and that makes it hard to deploy any configuration. And as a bonus, I use Mac Clients!

I started to create a PowerShell Script to manipulate the desktop-config.json. During some digging, I found an article Eli Shlomo: Microsoft Teams Client Personalization with PowerShell. I really liked his code, so I decided to drop my approach and adopted his solution to fit my own requirements.