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CentOS Project shifts focus to CentOS Stream, is it time to panic?

In September 2019, IBM-owned Red Hat announced CentOS Stream. It is a rolling release version of CentOS.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but CentOS Stream is no longer a full-blown clone of the very stable Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), the development is now a parallel thing, and the upstream is now Fedora and not RHEL.

IBM To Acquire Red Hat

In one of the most significant tech acquisition of 2018 IBM to acquire Red Hat in a $34 billion Deal!
The┬áRed Hat acquisition is by far IBM’s largest deal ever. And the Deal is one of the biggest in the History of (U.S.) Technology, only the AOL-Time Warner merger, the Dell and EMC merger, and the JDS Uniphase’s acquisition of SDL where bigger.

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