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Check if all WannaCry related Hotfixes are installed

I was asked if there is an easy way to check the complete Active Directory for systems that miss the WannaCry related Hotfixes are installed.

Yep! And it’s even easy to do.

Based upon several requests, I also published a small tool that could do the Job. You will find the tool (freeware) on GitHub.

This content is older than 2 years. It might be outdated.

How to mitigate the WannaCry risk

A while ago, Microsoft warned about a critical issue with SMBv1. Microsoft also published updates for that Vulnerability.

The WannaCry Ransomware Attack used that Vulnerability in the SMBv1 implementation with an EternalBlue Exploit. I thing there is more to come! so my advice is to deploy critical updates as fast as possible, nothing new! And I told everyone to avoid the SMBv1 usage (by remove the support), like Microsoft did a few weeks ago.

Here is how to do that.

Remove SMBv1 on Windows 10
Remove SMBv1 on Windows 10
Wind0ws Server SMBv1
Remove SMBv1 on Windows Servers
This content is older than 2 years. It might be outdated.
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