Microsoft announced that they deprecated the support for the SmartScreen Antispam content filters for Exchange Servers. This script uninstall the old and retired SmartScreen Antispam Agents from the local Exchange Server.

There are known issues with the SmartScreen AntiSpam content filters if you run Exchange 2016 on Windows Server 2016. So removing them might be always a good idea if you want to have a stable Exchange.

The Script removes the following AntiSpam Agents:

  • Content Filter Agent
  • Sender Id Agent
  • Protocol Analysis Agent

Before running the script and remove the AntiSpam Agents listed above, you should consider a solid alternative solution. There are several good on Premises Solutions available, and there are even more Cloud Services, including Microsoft’s own Exchange Online Protection (EOP). This could be handy if you have Office 365, you just change/tweak the Mailflow and your Mailboxes are protected.
My favorite solution is a CentOS based Linux Box running Postfix, SpamAssassin and MIMEDefang. I use this together with some AntiVirus solutions to scan all inbound and Outbound mails. However, this is just my personal favorite because it’s very reliable and flexible, but I know that many prefer a all-in-one solution running on Windows. Again, there are a lot of great solutions out there!

Here is the Gist with the Script:


  • Run it on the (or each) Exchange Server
  • You need to run it elevated in the Exchange Management Shell
  • Remote PowerShell is fully supported

You will find a signed script on GitHub if you need that.

The Script itself is documented, so you should easily be able to see what it will do. Under normal circumstances it will not show anything (I don’t want it to be too noisy). If you want to follow each step, just run it in verbose mode.

Please note: Even if the script is unable to remove one, or any, of the Agents above, it will write a warning. Same if one, or all, of the Agents doesn’t exist, or were removed with another run before.
This is an easy to use and light weight replacement for Uninstall-AntiSpamAgents.ps1 from the \Scripts of your Exchange Installation; it will remove just the dead parts and leave the rest as it is. Some find that it might be better to leave the rest intact.

You need to restart the Transport Agent to make the changes work. This is not part of the script, because I like to do such actions manually!