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Why do I publish so much Powershell related things as Open Source?

From time to time, I do get the question: “Why do you publish so much Powershell related scripts for free?“.

The answer is easy: Because I think other might find some of the stuff useful. And sharing is caring, even if the published stuff is not that useful for some, they might find parts (e.g. snippets) of it useful or just want to learn a few tricks.

And I get a few requests “Hey Josh, could you create me a script that does XYZ for me?“. If this is a non paid thing, I will definitely publish it as open source! I think that this is fair, isn’t it?
Even in business, if I create a script to solve or automate something outside of any billable hours, I will publish it. As long as it doesn’t contain anything to customer (e.g. Intellectual Property) related or is something very special (e.g. it only works in a special environment).

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